Tropical Depression Irma Update

Schneider’s emergency preparedness contingency plans have been activated since last week. We are working with associates, authorities, railroads and customers to plan and stay on top of the situation. Our priority is the safety and well-being of associates and customers. Schneider will continue to accept and move as much freight as possible in the impacted areas. We are loading, relaying and staging loads as required due to network implications and evacuation orders. If you are planning any contingencies such as facility closures or adjusting freight pick up or delivery dates/times, please contact us with those details. In addition, if you have weather-related freight (emergency loads to the affected areas) let us know and we can help facilitate those shipments.

Surface Transportation Impacts:

  • The DOT is expecting about 500,000 additional vehicles on roads heading into the hurricane areas over the next 3-4 days as evacuees return home. Parts of Florida are still under curfews as well, which could affect our ability to deliver (drivers may have to wait overnight despite having hours left). We are starting to accept freight back into Florida as long as the shipper can confirm there is a safe route in.
  • All rail terminals in the southeast are open today. Train traffic will resume, however, customers will continue to experience 48-72 hour delays as they clear the back log and move trains that had been holding in transit.
  • Some tank wash locations are open and operating today while others are working through power restoration.   It is anticipated that by Wednesday most locations will be operating.
  • Schneider’s Savannah warehouse, transload and port dray operations are closed and will not re-open until Wednesday morning. On Wednesday, operations will be at limited capacity as many people who evacuated Savannah are just now being allowed back into the area.

Irma is now a tropical depression with sustained winds of 35 mph centered near Columbus, GA moving NW at 15 mph. Irma is spreading rain and blustery conditions all the way north into Indiana and Ohio. Some of the heavier rains are falling along the Ohio River in Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky as well as northern Mississippi and much of North Carolina. Power crews are working to restore power in Florida but over six million people still are without power.

  • Florida has many roads in the Jacksonville and Orlando areas closed due to flooding along with many in the southern half of the state.
  • Most areas of Georgia were hit hard by Irma, including Atlanta. Debris, downed power lines, trees and branches are blocking lanes on most interstates. All interstates are open but it is still raining and traffic is not moving well.
  • All interstates are open in South Carolina. Some areas along the coast are seeing some flooding from the storm surge especially in the Charleston area.
  • North Carolina, Tennessee and Alabama report no closed roads due to flooding.

We will continue to monitor this situation and provide updates as needed.