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Q: What is the address of your headquarters?

A: 3101 S. Packerland Drive, Green Bay, WI 54313

Q: Is Schneider privately held or public?

A: Schneider began trading publicly on the New York Stock Exchange on April 6, 2017. Schneider’s common stock class B shares are listed under ticker SNDR.

Q: When was Schneider founded?

A: Al Schneider started the company with one truck in 1935. Take a look through the Story of Schneider page to learn more about Schneider's long, rich history.

Q: What are the core values of your organization?

A: Our core values are the mirrors we check ourselves in every day. They are:

  1. Safety first and always.
    We have an obligation to our associates and the public to operate safely. Nothing we do is worth hurting ourselves or others.
  2. Integrity in every action.
    We conduct our business with the highest ethical standards. Truth and honesty are essential to the way we operate.
  3. Respect for all.
    We seek and value diversity of perspective, experience and background as the foundation of the enterprise. We treat all stakeholders with dignity and respect.
  4. Excellence in all we do.
    We strive to provide the highest quality services to our customers. We have a relentless passion for innovation and improvement.

Q: What are Schneider Certifications?

A: Security Programs:
Partners in Protection (PIP)
Canada C-TPAT-US, Highway Carrier Canada to USA
Free Secure Trade (FAST)-US

Border Crossing Programs:
Customs Self-Assessment (CSA)
Canada Pre-Arrival Review System (PARS)
FAST NCAP-US (National Customs Automation Program)
Canada Pre-Arrival Processing System (PAPS)-US

Schneider is C-TPAT certified and has been validated by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) for the Highway Carrier Canada to USA. As we do not have drivers or trucks transiting the southern border, we do not fall into the criteria established by the CBP for certification and validation on the southern border. To move freight into, through and out of Mexico, we only partner with C-TPAT validated carriers.

Q: How large is the Schneider fleet?

A: This answer and many more concerning Schneider can be found on our website under “Schneider By The Numbers."

Q: Is Schneider SmartWay certified?  If yes, what is your SmartWay score?

A: Yes, Schneider is SmartWay certified and is a seven-time SmartWay Award of Excellence winner. SmartWay no longer uses a single score to apply to a carrier. SmartWay presents information on carriers in separate emission metrics, four emittants: CO2, NOx, and PM and two metrics: grams of emissions per mile, and grams of emissions per ton-mile. For more information and carrier scores, please visit SmartWay Carrier Performance Rankings.

Q: Is Schneider a minority-owned company?

A: Schneider does not qualify as a Minority/Veteran/Woman-Owned Business. However, we do have business relationships with over 700 minority owned vendors and contractors.

Q: Is Schneider ISO 9001 certified?

A: Yes, Schneider is ISO 9001 certified for the design, development and execution of customer-facing processes for transportation and supply chain management services.

Q: Do you provide your customers with online tracking?

A: Schneider Online Access is a self-service online tool that offers customers the ease and convenience of tracking orders, retrieving order documents and requesting rate quotes online without having to contact a Schneider representative.

This Web-based application is easily accessible from any computer and requires only a user name and password to log in. No additional software installation is necessary.

Here are some of the features of our online tracking system:

  • Customers can track their orders using:
  • Schneider order number
  • Schneider trailer number
  • Order status references
  • Origin and destination location
  • Estimated time of arrival to the origin and destination
  • Actual time of arrival to origin and destination
  • Total number of stops
  • Last reported location
  • Last reported date/time
  • Total distance on order
  • Gross weight
  • Transportation mode
  • Customers can also create customized search queries with a variety of order information. A query can be saved and run at any time, and also can be set as a default query.
  • Order data refreshes every 60 minutes, as well as each time there is an update to the order or the driver's current location.
  • Order information can be exported to an Excel spreadsheet.

Q: Is your company able to transmit EDI messages?

A: Schneider has extensive experience with electronic data interchange (EDI) and has long been recognized as a leader in EDI implementation across the entire transportation industry.  Schneider has the ability to support numerous transaction sets that are used by a wide base of customers. We currently process an average of seven million EDI transactions each month and manage over 3,000 trading partner relationships.

Q: What can a shipper do to be more carrier-friendly?

A: There are many ways shippers can be more carrier-friendly. For more detail, please see our white paper that covers this topic in depth, The Power of the Hour: Why It’s More Important Than Ever to Become a Shipper of Choice Among Carriers.

Q: Does Schneider use electronic logging devices (ELD)?

A: Schneider was one of the first carriers to implement ELDs across our fleet in 2010. After working through productivity impacts after implementation, Schneider drivers and processes have adjusted in years since implementation. Although implementation was seven years ago, we believe that the impact to Schneider was less than what will occur for many carriers who are in the process or will be implementing ELDs. Even when utilizing paper logs, Schneider had significant processes to validate log accuracy, thus the ultimate impact to Schneider during ELD conversion was less than is anticipated for most carriers.

Q: Can you haul hazardous materials?

A: Yes, we haul certain classifications of hazardous materials. Please contact us for details.

Q: What area does Schneider service?

A: Schneider serves the 48 contiguous United States, Canada, Mexico and China.

Q: Does your company have a Disaster Recovery plan?

A: Yes, we have a Disaster Recovery plan for all aspects of our business and major locations. For more details, please contact Brian Stuelpner at


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